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From the Principal's Desk...

Dear parents,

"Education is the manifestation of divine perfection already existing in man". Really it is a process which transfers a child into a future citizen. The scenario present today is very demanding. Overall entropy of the universe is increasing. Our nation needs to recall the prosperous situation of our ancient India. ‘The World Guru Bharat’.

A fulcrum at a proper scale is required to establish a balance between advancement of technology with our great spiritual culture. The time demands assurity of sowing the seeds of moral values, ethics in the growing persona of young India.

We are in the attempt to develop a perfect Indian patriotic citizen, who not only thinks of himself, but also for Nation; our Great India.

School almanac is a tool to develop a healthy communication between teachers and parents, through school system.

You are requested to go through the rules and regulations mentioned below and co- operate with the school authorities in transforming your word into a well cultured future citizen of our country.

Thanks & Regards,